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Help us celebrate Brandon Bond's induction into the Tattoo Hall of Fame this weekend [24 Jul 2012|10:10am]

Brandon Bond is being inducted into the Tattoo Hall of Fame!

United Ink will be presenting the industry’s first Elite Award Ceremony as part of the New York Convention (think Oscars of the tattoo industry). Additionally, we will be introducing the first United Ink Hall of Fame. As part of the awards ceremony we will be introducing the Hall’s initial class of inductees!

This first induction class consists of only 13 initial inductees. An elite list of the industries most innovative and celebrated artists in the media
and in the tattoo convention circuit. These selected few are artists that have reached the highest level within in the past 2 decades.

Ceremony begins at 10:30pm sharp on Sunday 7/29. Tickets can be purchased online or at the convention award ceremony booth in the main entrance.  Advance Tickets Online – $15  Tickets purchased at the Expo -$25

Brandon Bond, Dave Tedder, and Flaco Martinez will be attending the United Ink Tattoo Convention.

All or Nothing Tattoo would like to do a tattoo collaboration at the convention! If you are interested please email Nicole@AllorNothingTattoo.com

This will be Brandon Bond's first United States convention in the last 5 years!

July 27 at 2:00pm until July 29 at 7:00pm



 All or Nothing Tattoo will be having a huge party on September 1!
Labor Day Weekend.

We will have guest artists, dunk tank, free tattoos and so much more.

There will be some Rare and Old School t-shirts available for a super party sale price.

Limited time to get some of these old and awesome t-shirts.


Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue will be at the Anniversary Bash with some dogs that are up for adoption!!! Let's find a dog a furever home while we celebrate!



Dave Tedder will be tattooing  at United Ink, the Long Island Tattoo Convention, next weekend(July 28-29) and the Niagara Tattoo Expo the following weekend(August 3-5).
While in the great state of New York he is trying to have two solid weeks of Skulldugery and Demon Fever and tattoo as many black and grey skulls and demons as time allows.
A few slots have been saved at each convention to allow for this, but they will fill up fast.
If you'd like to know more about how you can get involved and be a living piece of art email
davetedder@gmail.com for all remaining appointment information.

Matt Dunlap and Dave Tedder will be at the Niagara Tattoo Expo!
For appointment information email
Matt Dunlap: mattdunlaptattoo@gmail.com and
Dave Tedder: DaveTedder@Gmail.com



Watercolor painting printed on heavy cardstock with a matte finish .  

 10X13 Letter Hand by Josh Lindley :

Art Print 11X13 Cross by Josh Lindley: http://strangleholdmerch.com/art-print-11x13-cross-by-josh-lindley-p-233.html

Art Print 11X13 Dagger with Skull and Hat by Josh Lindley: http://strangleholdmerch.com/art-print-11x13-dagger-with-skull-and-hat-by-josh-lindley-p-234.html

Art Print 11X13 Dressform with Mandala by Josh Lindley: http://strangleholdmerch.com/art-print-11x13-dressform-with-mandala-by-josh-lindley-p-237.html

Art Print 8X10 Dog Head by Josh Lindley : http://strangleholdmerch.com/art-print-8x10-dog-head-by-josh-lindley-p-235.html

Art Print 8X10 PBR HAND by Josh Lindley: http://strangleholdmerch.com/art-print-8x10-pbr-hand-by-josh-lindley-p-232.html

Art Prints Set of 6 by Josh Lindley: http://strangleholdmerch.com/art-prints-set-of-6-by-josh-lindley-p-238.html

BRAND NEW!!! Preview for Brandon Bond’s All or Nothing: American Dream

We JUST cleaned up and refreshed our LINKS page on our website.
If you would like to trade links with us, then just email your website and a description to links@allornothingtattoo.com

All or Nothing Tattoo

 Profile of the Week JoshLindley Artwork Gallery


Flaco Martinez, Josh Lindley, and Guest Artist Stefano Alcantara 3 way Tattoo Collaboration on Family member Chris Diganci. This tattoo won Tattoo of the Day at the Atlanta Tattoo Arts Convention!

All or Nothing Tattoo and Body Piercing
Featured Artist:
Mike McMahon

The All or Nothing Tattoo Family is Growing! And We would like to invite you to be a part of something bigger than all of us from anywhere on the globe!

 We just expanded our Video Production, Graphic Artists, web design, Personal Assistants, Art Students, Promotions, models for tattoo magazine covers, photographers, writers, tattoo enthusiasts interested in travel, dog volunteers, merchandise sales, and Street team departments.

We are also looking for Tattoo and Body Piercing Apprentices.

Brandon Bond is looking for a personal apprentice as well!


 If you think that becoming a part of the All or Nothing Tattoo family is right for you, please contact us today! Please remember that most positions do not require you to live in the Atlanta area!

Email Nicole@AllorNothingTattoo.com for information or to submit resumes.

Be part of our Family.


For More Information please visit:

Atlanta's All or Nothing Tattoo and Body Piercing
Featured Video

Collection of Tattoos by: Brandon Bond and Dave Mf Tedder

This Video and More Can be Viewed at

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[27 Jun 2012|01:51pm]
Join us at the Atlanta Tattoo Convention this weekend!!  http://www.allornothingtattoo.com/index.php?sub=test40
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[01 Jun 2012|12:44pm]
Heads up! June 30th we're having an All or Nothing Tattoo 8th anniversary bash!

During ATL Tattoo convention. We will have guest artists, dunk tank, free #tattoos and so much more.
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[23 Jan 2012|01:50pm]

All or Nothing Tattoo wants to exchange links with your websites! 

All or Nothing wants to trade links with you. What a better way to get traffic to your site, then to trade links with our high traffic tattoo sites. Search engines and ranking is now predominately based on the amount of sites linked to yours, so we want a lot of sites linked to ours, in exchange, we will add your site to our links pages for all our high traffic tattoo sites:













and more to come.

In other words, if you put all ours on your one site - we will put yours up on our websites! Email:  links@allornothingtattoo.com Please include a description of the website!

We have an ever growing number of BANNERS to choose from at http://allornothingtattoo.com/linktous.html and will be getting new ones every week! We would love for you to put up our banners, but a text link would be great, as search engine spiders recognize TEXT LINKS as being better for some reason.

Thank you SO much, I look forward to sharing loads of traffic with you!


2569 south Cobb Dr. Suite A Smyrna, GA 30080

(770) 435 9966

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[23 Jan 2012|01:49pm]

#Videooftheday http://youtu.be/GW6AWMj06-0

The rescue of the Michael Vick Dogs VICKtory to the Underdog


To order your copy of VICKtory to the Underdog visit:

“Vicktory To The Underdog” takes an in depth look at world renowned tattoo artist “Brandon Bond” and his dog rescue efforts - particularly rescuing the infamous Michael Vick fighting dogs.
Rather than focusing on the dog fighting problem, the movie sheds light on solutions leading to “Vicktory” for all the underdogs in the movie - tattooed people, pitbulls, parolees and all the other people in this world that society has turned their back on through ignorance and racism.
The movie also examines the life of Brandon Bond and his struggle with balancing fame, fortune and the Rock-N-Roll tattoo lifestyle with a more fulfilling life that focuses on the betterment of both animals and society as a whole.
Featuring celebrities like Debbie and Danny Trejo, Michael Berryman, Pixie Acia and Donal Logue, the movie takes you on an incredible journey you will never forget!


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[23 Jan 2012|01:49pm]



Blown Away
The Beautiful World of All or Nothing Tattoo

by Joy Surles
Available in Tattoo Masters Magazine

Order your copy of Tattoo Masters Magazine Here

I sat in front of a pile of mail that had accumulated for a few months. I was serving as the editor of Art and Ink Publications.  There had been an interlude with no editors as the offices had transitioned from Hoboken, New Jersey to Charlotte, North Carolina, and the mailed submissions had gotten backed up pretty deep. One of my duties as the editor was to sort that mail. I sent back what didn’t make the cut and sorted the rest of the images into folders for possible future use.

The job was new, so I was still having a lot of fun. I opened envelopes, cursed my paper cuts, and sorted tattoos into piles like “Arms,” “Zombies,” “Japanese,” and “Back Pieces.” Some of the tattoos were pretty cool, and some of them looked like they’d been applied with Crayola. Overall, though, they all looked like tattoos – even the best ones. They looked like the tattoos you’d always looked at – rebellious, sexy, and fun, sure, but nothing that really rocked my world. But then, I got my first submission from All or Nothing. It was a pretty thick envelope, and what I found inside took my breath away. These images were not just tattoos; they were works of art. The colors were amped up so much that it was hard to believe they could be real. The high-impact images weren’t just stamped on the bodies of the wearers; they had been carefully constructed, artfully considered, and applied to become integral parts of each body. The people in these pictures had been transformed.

This collection was not just a bunch of tattoos – this was art. This was about what Michelangelo was doing on the Sistine Chapel ceiling.  This work required the level of skill that went into constructing a Shakespearean sonnet. This was a Renaissance, and I was in a position to watch it unfold, to spin the story of these master craftsmen as their works evolved into a more than a fad, more than a moment – I was witnessing the birth of a movement.

These images changed everything.

Another part of my duties as the editor of this magazine syndicate was to select the artists we would feature in each issue. I chose Brandon Bond as the first artist to feature in our flagship publication. I contacted him via email, and I was impressed with his friendliness, his openness to discussion, and his eagerness to cooperate on the story. I’d been warned that tattoo artists could be divas sometimes – inaccessible, indifferent, and difficult to pull into dialogue. Brandon, however, was like a stick of dynamite. I sent him a list of starter questions, just to get the ball rolling in our conversation, and he replied with paragraphs upon paragraphs – funny, insightful, and smart writing that was full of insight into his art and his business. He set a high bar as the first artist I worked with, as his open, approachable attitude is seldom replicated in the tattoo world.
This self-declared media whore loves his press, and he has taken some flack in the tattoo industry for his affection for attention. And it is true, the man loves his paparazzi; however, my impression of his openness to the media was that it was not sycophantic. He did not kiss my ass (although I think he did ask me if I’d like my ass kissed). His openness is a refreshing reinvention of the closed-world approach to tattooing.

Tattooists earned that hardened attitude through decades of being marginalized and associated with the underworld.  The hardened shell on these nuts can be difficult to crack, but Brandon Bond made interviewing easy and fun.
The openness that Bond brings to the table and that he has instilled in his team of tattooists represents a change in the tattoo world that is refreshing. Tattoo art is everywhere, and it is no longer a marginal art form or lifestyle. All or Nothing has opened their doors to shed some much-needed light in the dark world of tattooing.

In that first article for Skin Art, Bond had recently released his book Whore. I pored over the book, decompressing the life, the inspiration, and the stream of conscious ruminations of the subject of my article. It was interesting to compare the life of the man I was discovering through our series of interviews with the life that was revealed in Whore. The Brandon Bond I spoke with was light, funny, approachable, and energetic. The Bond that emerged in the pages of Whore was dark, driven, and formidable. It became clear that both sides were accurate. Whore reveals the underside of Bond’s public persona, and to understand the man behind the art truly, you must read this presentation of his life story.
Around the same time, my husband was wrapping up the grunt-work of a tattoo apprenticeship at a small biker shop in town. He’d learned the basics of how to tattoo. He could clean tubes all day, sweep floors, operate a tattoo machine, and draw flash-style designs for the tattooist who had trained him; however, he had learned very little about the art of tattooing. He had been tattooing for a few months, but he was dissatisfied with what he could accomplish technically, and felt like his work was growing stagnant. When I landed the gig with Art and Ink, we hoped it would be an opportunity for him to meet new artists and to grow creatively, and when I showed him the magic that was All or Nothing’s portfolio, we both got excited.

That September, we attended the North Carolina Tattoo Expo in Greensboro, where Brandon won his second Artist of the Year award, and we had the opportunity to meet Brandon Bond and some of the other guys on his team. He invited us into his color-blending seminar, and it changed everything.
In the 90 minutes or so that my husband spent listening to Brandon explicate his process for blending colors, he discovered more about tattooing than he’d learned in his entire apprenticeship. The clear, precise explanations of his signature techniques made it easy to understand, and Brandon provided a living gallery of his clients to illustrate each point.

Again, I was astonished by the juxtaposition of premier-quality tattoo artwork with open, honest conversation. I was impressed by the generosity of an artist who would stand before a group of people and give away his trade secrets. I was impressed by his humility (which is not something Brandon is known for) in saying, “I didn’t make this stuff up. I learned it from guys like Joe Capobianco who have been blending colors this way for years.”

Yes, he charges for his seminars. Yes, he makes money for sharing his techniques. However, his willingness to share information in the cutthroat tattoo business represents a substantial change in the way tattoo artists are doing business these days. The All or Nothing team works collaboratively, and no artist passes through that studio without leaving it with a more impressive portfolio. This team’s generosity in sharing how and why they do what they do changed everything.

Testimonials From People who’ve purchased The Whole Enchilada! 

The Whole Enchilada made me realize how bad I suck, and how to correct the problem. 

Tom Deibler Dragon Wind Tattoo LLC Alarion PA united states 

The whole enchilada is two hours of nut up or shut up. 

Sean Lanusse @ infinity tattoo Portland, or USA 

The whole enchilada takes you from the minor leagues to the hall of fame all while sitting on the couch. Once an artist learns the mechanics of tattooing the needed skills and insight to convert the loftiest of ideas into giant paychecks becomes difficult . Unless you are a sibling of a top tattoo artist, there are effects that will elude you for decades even as a working pro. Bond demystifies the jedi-mind tricks of tattooing. If this is how you feed your family, you cannot afford to NOT own this series.

Danny , LOST TATTOOS, South America. 

This DVD made me spankin’ rich ! 

Aivanne, Black Sheep Tattoo, Geneva Switzerland 

I learned that no matter how long you’ve been tattooing there’s always something to learn. I’ve always been afraid to do color work because I started as a black n’ grey artist. After watching the “Whole Enchilada” and paid attention to what Brandon Bond said I now FEEN for color and want to do more and more color. Thank you Obi-Bond Kenobi, you’re the best! 

Richie Montez

Painful Thoughts Tattoo

Perris, CA, USA

PS right off to watch it for the 9th time cheers mate

Hey man, I just got “The Whole Enchilada” in the mail yesterday. I’ve watched it twice already. I just want to let you know I’m very happy with my purchase. I have never taken any seminars and this video let’s me take yours over and over. Today is my day off, but I’m already thinking of what I can do on my apprentice if I go up to the studio later. Also, I feel like I’ve been missing something. I see myself taking seminars in the future from other artists I respect and admire as well. Not only that, but I’m thinking about getting some work from you when I get some money saved. It may be a while since I have kids and all, but I’m sure that once I begin to apply the knowledge I gained from your video the cash will start rolling in. Thanks again for being such a driving force in the tattoo industry.

Sincerely, Doug Garcia Tattooer Body Effects Tattoo

Dear Mr. Bond,

My name is Michael Norris. I am a tattoo artist at a tiny little street shop in a tiny little town in Arkansas. I ordered your Whole Enchilada DVD a couple of weeks ago and I just wanted to tell you how much I liked it. And how much I appreciate you sharing you knowledge. I had heard about you from articles in magazines and some of them gave the impression that you were a complete d**k. I think after watching the DVD that that is most definitely not true. Anyway, I do tiny little tattoos, mostly flash and probably 50 percent of that is cherry creek. I watched your DVD and I am learning about how to steer a client into a much better decision when it comes to a tattoo. I have started doing a lot of tattoos for very cheap just to show people what can be done and hopefully it won’t be long and people will start wanting larger custom stuff. You have inspired me in many ways, I am definitely drawing more so that when someone wants a custom piece I can come up with something that they will love and that will be fun to do. Your color blending technique has paid off already. I did a butterfly yesterday that was about the size of a business card, or smaller and I had some of the best blends I have ever done in it. I have never been happier after doing a 60 dollar butterfly. So even if people are getting smaller tattoos for a while, at least I will be able to take more pride and satisfaction in them. Thank you again.

Michael Norris.

My husband left that seminar in Greensboro itching to tattoo. He applied his first full-color piece using the color blending techniques he’d learned the very next night, and it was truly a relaunch of his career.
I assisted Brandon with his seminar video The Whole Enchilada during that same session, which opened this information to the rest of the tattoo community. If you are a tattooist who hasn’t seen it, get it. Like stop what you’re doing, and order it right now. It will change everything.

Through the intervening years, I’ve been a sometimes collaborator with the guys at All or Nothing, from writing about their work for various magazines to covering them extensively in my two book projects from Wolfgang Publications (Tattoo: Behind the Needle, which features Brandon as the premier artist, and Tattoo: From Idea to Ink, which includes several All or Nothing artists and is chock-full of their art). I’ve reviewed their DVDs, watched artists come and go, and been honored to witness the evolution of this dynasty. From the All or Nothing team’s involvement with pit bull rescue to the Vicktory to the Underdog initiative to rehabilitate the dogs saved from Michael Vick’s compound, it has been an honor to be a witness to this remarkable team.

The best part is, it’s not over. These guys are still cranking out high-volume, high-quality artwork. They are still teaching and learning, growing and regrouping. They are still on a mission to conquer the freakin’ universe, and I can’t wait to see what’s going to come next.

Joy Surles is a writer in Charlotte, NC, and she is the author of Tattoo: Behind the Needle and Tattoo: From Idea to Ink.
You can see her husband’s work at www.GeraldGaddyTattoo.com.

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20 years into the Game! [07 Dec 2011|11:22am]
Brand new Article!! @BrandonBond 20 Years into the Game! Prick Magazine!! http://www.allornothingtattoo.com/index.php?sub=brandonbond20yearsprick #Articleoftheday
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Merchandise of the day! [06 Dec 2011|10:14am]

#Merchandiseoftheday Brandon Bond’s Seminar Dvds for 69% Off!!

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Article of the Day! [06 Dec 2011|10:13am]

#Articleoftheday  Josh Lindley interviewed by an Apprentice at All or Nothing Tattoo! http://www.allornothingtattoo.com/index.php?sub=LindleyArticle

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Tattoo of the day!! [06 Dec 2011|10:13am]
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For the first time EVER!! Brandon Bond's The Whole Enchilada Seminar Dvds on sale for $111.11 [22 Nov 2011|02:46pm]

All or Nothing Tattoo would like to send out a special Thank you to all the members of the All or Nothing Tattoo Family!
Pre Holiday Thanksgiving sale!!!

For the first time EVER!! Brandon Bond's The Whole Enchilada Seminar Dvds on sale for $111.11

We have a successful way to surprise that special ARTIST or studio in your life worldwide!

A gift for your artist (if you are a client) or
your boyfriend, or whatever, simply include a link to the
licensed artists work, site or studio, his shipping address, and
when you would like it to arrive! And SANTA CLAUSE will NOT
notify the artist but will surprise them for you!


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The Spirit of Giving: All or Nothing! [22 Nov 2011|02:33pm]

Thanks + Giving? Yes,The All or Nothing Tattoo Family is not only
saying “thanks”, but also focused on “giving” back, not only to our
favorite charities, but also to our family and clients
simultaneously! And we need YOUR help.  

To start we are giving away 6 total collaborative tattoos valued at
thousands and thousands of dollars! For each specific need and
cause, we will be offering an All or Nothing Tattoo collaborative
tattoo completed inside of Brandon Bond’s private studio (www.AntiArtElite.com)
to be done by Brandon AND all of the amazing artists at our Atlanta
studios. Each donation of $40 or more enters you in the contest!

 There will be one collaboration completed for each great cause
receipt of your donation (minimum $40) to
Nicole@AllorNothingTattoo.com and you are entered! We will have
these active until Christmas, so get in the holiday spirit and help
some family members, soldiers, children, dogs, and lets raise some
money for cancer while we are at it huh?

Nicole Webster, a vital member of the All or Nothing Tattoo
Family was in a bad car wreck that has left her with cervical
spine damage. She needs to have surgery and can not afford the
costs. Please click this link to make a donation!


The man that gave Brandon Bond his first tattoo machine, Jim
Wolfe (owner of Tattoo Zoo in FWB, FL has been diagnosed with
Cancer. Chemo and surgeries are on the immediate horizon for him,
and we want to help ease the burden on him and his family as best we
can this holiday season!


Friends of the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue

Friends to the Forlorn Pit Bull Rescue is a nonprofit 501(c)3
organization. All donations are tax deductible. They do not receive
any government funding, and there is NO paid administrative staff.
Their organization consists solely of volunteers. Support comes
directly from you and goes directly to the dogs.



We look at the experiences of the cancer community, find problems
and develop solutions. Then we roll them out to help more people in
more situations.


Stand Down assists male veterans who are struggling due to
mental and/or physical wounds & illness, addictions,
homelessness and/or other issues to regain their lives through a
multi tiered program, transitional living, & collaborative
efforts.  Stand Down addresses the needs & unseen wounds of our
veterans & military members.


Non perishable Food and Toy donations are also being accepted at All
or Nothing Tattoo! Toys will be donated to Toys for Tots, and food
donations will be donated to the Food Ministry of Refuge West Church in
Marietta. http://www.refugewest.com
All donations can be dropped off at All or Nothing Tattoo. All
substantial donations will receive a discount on tattoos over $100. As
well and will be entered for yet another mind blowing free
collaborative tattoo done in the luxurious VIP studio.
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Breaking News from Atlanta's ALL OR NOTHING TATTOO AND BODY PIERCING !!! [29 Jul 2011|04:48pm]
Breaking News from Atlanta's ALL OR NOTHING TATTOO AND BODY PIERCING !!!

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Brand New Graphic From All or Nothing Tattoo [07 Jul 2011|01:39pm]
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2 Brand New Videos from All or Nothing Tattoo!!!! [18 Apr 2011|12:01pm]


New two disc set of behind the scenes footage of the Award Winning Film, "VICKtory to the Underdog" just released at www.VickDogMovie.com. These Companion Disks do NOT include the feature film, but contain two complete discs of extensive UNCUT Interviews, out takes, Behind the Scenes, deleted scenes, bonus scenes, bloopers, celebrities, and more.

For the Behind the Scenes Companion Disks please click here:

For the Feature Film please click here:

"If you are an animal lover you should order this. If your are a pit bull lover you should already own this. If you need to convert people on pit bulls you should show them this. I have watched it a few times and love the soundtrack too. I love my pups. Brandon did an amazing thing here."
- Member of the All or Nothing Pitbull Rescue Messageboard

For the Mega Pack that contains, the Featured Film, the 2 disk behind the scenes footage, and the official Soundtrack please click here:

This TWO DISC collection is made to accompany the feature documentary "Vicktory to the Underdog" produced by Stranglehold Publications.

Disc 1 is a completely different 2 hour version of the film, created by Scott "El" Haney, and Brandon Bond and takes an entirely different and gritty approach to film making. This independent film is much more raw than the polished feature, made entirely in Atlanta independently, and follows a more direct time line of events, focused specifically on the rehabilitation of the featured animals, and the people that saved them.
Disc 2 overflows with hours of special features, bonus scenes, deleted scenes from both projects, full length radio interviews with Brandon Bond about the Vick dogs filmed while on air live, and full uncut interviews with all of the celebrities from the film as well as many of the interesting characters discovered along the way. There are also several video shorts filmed at Brandon Bond's ALL OR NOTHING tattoo studio, including a private session with rap icon NAS and his wife KELIS at Brandon's private studio, and an incredible uncensored interview between Senator Chip Rogers and Brandon Bond.
Featured celebrities include Danny Trejo (Con Air, Dusk Till Dawn, Once Upon a Time In Mexico, Heat), Michael Berryman (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The Devils Rejects, The Hills Have Eyes), Pixie Acia (Miami Ink and La Ink), Donal Logue (Blade, Grounded for Life), Nas, Tia Maria Torres and her daughters Mariah and Tanya of Pitbulls and Parolees, and Senator Chip Rogers (who passed a law making it illegal to attend dogfights in GA).

Brandon Bond talks about the passing of his pitbull Cain with Florida Marlin's John Baker

Brandon Bond was on the "The John Baker Radio Show" talking about Baseball, Tattoos, and the passing of Cain!

Topics with Brandon Bond cover Tattoos, Pitbulls, Vick, Cain, Numerous Baseball Clients, RIP Cain, The Bond Vick dog Makavelli, and going to a playoff game with Peter Moylan (Atlanta Braves) after being in hiding mourning the loss of Cain Bond after several weeks, Perspective of baseball changed by tattooing all these players, The Falcons playoff game, the Vick jerseys, and the loudness after so much

Please Click here to read the Story of Cain:

Official Cain Bond Thread:

Cain is featured in Award Winning Featured VICKtory to the Underdog:

John Baker Article about Charity Work:

In Loving Memory of Cain:

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Comprehensive List of Tattoo Publications and Contacts [22 Mar 2011|09:14am]
Comprehensive List of Tattoo Publications and Contacts

Click here to order yours today!

The perfect accessory to go with the DVD, get your work up to par and then market it to the right people. This list has taken us 4 years to complete and has been extremely time consuming and expensive. In many cases the addresses listed are NOT the magazine, but the editors personal addresses, or the direct line to art directors. Venezuela, Scandinavia, Mexico, Japan, Sweden, America, Italy, England, the Czech Republic, Australia, Brazil, Germany, and many other countries. We have already received an article/interview from each of these addresses, so we know that they are as accurate as possible. Many magazines are not sold in the US, but attract clients from afar. Also getting articles in "other languages" is easy, and blows the minds of your clients when you frame it in your studio.

Check out a very small portion of some of the magazines that we've been featured in, and with this list can help you get into these very same magazines:


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Happy Spring from All or Nothing Tattoo! [18 Mar 2011|10:09am]

Do you have a website?
Let's exchange links!

All or Nothing Tattoo
is hiring a Tattoo Apprentice!

Happy Spring from All or Nothing Tattoo!

Winner of March $500 Tattoo and Merchandise Contest is:


Contests and give aways are available exclusively to our
Mailing List Recipients every month!

Congratulations from the All or Nothing Tattoo Family to Florida Marlin's catcher John Baker and his Amazing Wife on the birth of their miracle baby!


Brand New Galleries

MLB Players get tattooed at All or Nothing Tattoo:

Celebrity Tattoos:

Tattoo Convention Photos:

Congratulations to Vince Villalvazo on Winning
First Place Medium Size Color Tattoo at the 1st Annual Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Festival in Chattanooga TN!

Brandon Bond at MLB Spring Training

Spring Cleaning Sale from Stranglehold Merchandise

Available right Now!
All or Nothing Tattoo issue of Tattoo Masters Magazine
Signed by all the artists of All or Nothing Tattoo!




2011 Tattoo Tour Convention List:


All or Nothing Tattoo- Brand New Video

Jason Adkins: Black and Grey Tattoo

Check out All or Nothing's Client Rowdy B's new track

All These Videos and More Can be Viewed at
All or Nothing Tattoo | All or Nothing Pitbull Rescue|
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Recipients every month!</font><br /><b><font size="2" color="#ffffff"><br /></font><font size="3" color="#ffffff">Congratulations from the All or Nothing Tattoo Family to Florida Marlin's catcher John Baker and his Amazing Wife on the birth of their miracle baby!<br /><br /></font></b><a href="http://www.allornothingtattoo.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6426"><img border="0" src="http://i53.tinypic.com/11w5a0x.jpg" alt="" /></a><b><br /><br /><a href="http://www.allornothingtattoo.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6426"><span style="color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">http://www.allornothingtattoo.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6426</span></a><br /><br /></b><b><font color="#ffffff"><br />Brand New Galleries</font><br /><br /><font color="#ffffff">MLB Players get tattooed at All or Nothing Tattoo:<a href="http://allornothingtattoo.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=216" target="_blank"><br />http://allornothingtattoo.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=216</a></font><br /><font color="#ffffff"><br />Celebrity Tattoos:<a href="http://allornothingtattoo.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=195" target="_blank"><br />http://allornothingtattoo.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=195</a></font><br /><br /></b><center><b><font size="2" color="#ffffff">Tattoo Convention Photos:<a href="http://allornothingtattoo.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=208" target="_blank"><br />http://allornothingtattoo.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=208</a><br /><br />Congratulations to <a href="http://allornothingtattoo.com/index.php?sub=vince" target="_blank">Vince Villalvazo</a> on Winning <br />First Place Medium Size Color Tattoo at the 1st Annual Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Festival in Chattanooga TN!<br /><br /></font><a href="http://allornothingtattoo.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=208" target="_blank"><img border="0" src="http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f235/allornothingtattoo/190662_208566635827389_100000221635774_937718_3701619_n.jpg" alt="" /></a><br /><font color="#ffffff"><br />Brandon Bond at MLB Spring Training</font><br /><font size="2" color="#ffffff"><br /></font></b><a href="http://allornothingtattoo.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=216"><img border="0" src="http://i53.tinypic.com/k488y9.jpg" alt="" /></a><br /><b><font size="2" color="#ffffff"><br /></font></b><a href="http://strangleholdmerch.com/specials.html" target="_blank"><img border="0" src="http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f235/allornothingtattoo/SHM1.jpg" alt="" /></a><b><font size="2" color="#ffffff"><font size="3"><br /><br />Spring Cleaning Sale from Stranglehold Merchandise<font size="2"><a href="http://strangleholdmerch.com/specials.html" target="_blank"><br />http://strangleholdmerch.com/specials.html</a></font><br /></font></font><font size="2" color="#ffffff"><font size="2"><br />Available right Now!<br />All or Nothing Tattoo issue of Tattoo Masters Magazine <br />Signed by all the artists of All or Nothing Tattoo!<br /><br /></font></font><a 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href="http://allornothingtattoo.com/index.php?sub=TattooMasterMagazineTonyMancia"></a><br /></font><br /></font><a href="http://allornothingtattoo.com/index.php?sub=BrandonBondInterview2011" target="_blank"><img border="0" src="http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f235/allornothingtattoo/taetowiermagazin-brandon-bond--cover-web.jpg" alt="" /></a><br /><br /><font color="#ffffff">2011 Tattoo Tour Convention List:</font><br /><br /></b><a href="http://allornothingtattoo.com/index.php?sub=2011conventions"><img border="0" src="http://i54.tinypic.com/2r61ul5.jpg" alt="" /></a><a href="http://allornothingtattoo.com/index.php?sub=2011conventions" target="_blank"><font size="1" color="#ffffff"><br />http://allornothingtattoo.com/index.php?sub=2011conventions</font></a><br /><br /> <br /><h1 id="watch-headline-title"><b><font size="2" color="#ffffff"><span title="All or Nothing Tattoo: Jason Adkins Black and Grey Tattoo" dir="ltr" class="long-title" id="eow-title">All or Nothing Tattoo- </span></font></b><font size="2" color="#ffffff"><b>Brand New Video</b></font></h1><b><font size="2" color="#ffffff"><span title="All or Nothing Tattoo: Jason Adkins Black and Grey Tattoo" dir="ltr" class="long-title" id="eow-title">Jason Adkins: Black and Grey Tattoo</span></font></b><br /><b><font size="2" color="#ffffff"><a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Yj58yDlxvs" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Yj58yDlxvs</a><br /><br />Check out All or Nothing's Client Rowdy B's new track<br /></font></b> <br /><div><a target="_blank" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlbYkuz7agk">http://www.youtube.com/watch?<wbr></wbr>v=DlbYkuz7agk</a></div> <br /><div><a target="_blank" href="http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/rowdy-b/id424232830">http://itunes.apple.com/us/<wbr></wbr>artist/rowdy-b/id424232830</a></div><br /><b><font size="2" color="#ffffff"><br /></font><font size="2" color="#ffffff"><font color="#ffffff"><font color="#ffffff"><center><font color="#ffffff">All These Videos and More Can be Viewed at<br /> </font><center><font color="#ffffff"> <a href="http://www.atlantatattootv.com/" target="_blank"><img src="http://allornothingtattoo.com/newsletter/header.jpg" alt="" /></a></font></center></center></font></font></font></b><center><b><font size="2" color="#ffffff"><font color="#ffffff"><font color="#ffffff"><font color="#ffffff"><a href="http://www.allornothingtattoo.com">All or Nothing Tattoo</a> | <a href="http://www.atlantapitbullrescue.com" target="">All or Nothing Pitbull Rescue</a>|<a www.strangleholdmerch.com="" http:="" href="http://www.strangleholdmerch.com" target="">Stranglehold Merchandise</a> </font></font></font></font><font size="2" color="#ffffff"><font color="#ffffff"><font color="#ffffff"><font color="#ffffff">|<a href="http://www.brandonbond.com" target="">Brandon B</a><a href="http://www.brandonbond.com" target="">ond</a> </font></font></font></font><font size="2" color="#ffffff"><font color="#ffffff"><font color="#ffffff"><font color="#ffffff">|</font></font></font></font><font size="2" color="#ffffff"><font color="#ffffff"><font color="#ffffff"><font color="#ffffff"> <a href="http://www.atlantatattootv.com">Atlanta Tattoo Tv</a>| <a href="http://www.brandonmfbond.com">Brandonmfbond.com</a><br />&nbsp;<br /></font></font></font></font><font size="2" color="#ffffff"><a href="http://www.allornothingtattoo.com/gallery/index.php?cat=2">Tattoos</a> | <a href="http://www.allornothingtattoo.com/gallery/index.php?cat=5">Art</a> | <a href="http://www.allornothingtattoo.com/gallery/index.php?cat=3">Publications</a> | <a href="http://www.allornothingtattoo.com/forum/">Messageboard</a> | <a href="http://www.allornothingtattoo.com/index.php?sub=links">Links</a> | <a href="http://www.allornothingtattoo.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=47">Studio</a> | <a href="http://www.allornothingtattoo.com/index.php?sub=articles">Tattoo Articles</a> | <a href="http://www.allornothingtattoo.com/index.php?sub=directions">Driving 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Want to win a Free $500 Gift Certificate for Tattoo work At ALL OR NOTHING TATTOO??? [18 Mar 2011|08:19am]

Want to win a Free $500 Gift Certificate for Tattoo work At ALL OR NOTHING TATTOO???

And $500 Free Merchandise from Stranglehold Merchandise???

Send your Email address to Nicole@allornothingtattoo.com!!


You will Join our Mailing List!

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5pm eastern Brandon Bond and Peter Moylan will be on "The John Baker Radio Show" Today Sunday! http://www.sportsbyline1.com/

Follow www.twitter.com/brandonbond www.twitter.com/petermoylan and www.twitter.com/manbearwolf with your questions




It is 100% Free to listen to entire show, LIVE RIGHT NOW! Brandon @5pm Eastern

Topics with Brandon Bond will cover Tattoos, Pitbulls, Vick, Cain, Numerous Baseball Clients, RIP Cain, The Bond Vick dog Makavelli, and going to a playoff game with Peter Moylan (Atlanta Braves) after being in hiding mourning the loss of Cain Bond after several weeks, Perspective of baseball changed by tattooing all these players, The Falcons playoff game, the Vick jerseys, and the loudness after so much silence.


@ 5 pm Eastern John Baker (Florida Marlins) and Peter Moylan (Atlanta Braves) and Brandon Bond (www.AllOrNothingTattoo.com)


Link to the story of Cain as written by Brandon Bond: http://www.allornothingtattoo.com/index.php?sub=StoryofCain


Link to John Baker on the All or Nothing Tattoo website: http://allornothingtattoo.com/index.php?sub=VoteJohnBaker when nominated for the Roberto Clemente Award for 2010.


Cain memorial Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orUK7HNZ57s


"VICKTORY to the Underdog" preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiLAKCjZ6CI&feature=related


Peter Moylan Tattoo action: http://allornothingtattoo.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=163&page=3


Video of Peter Moylan getting tattooed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJXijjHQfxI


and another of Brandon and Peter (uncensored and homemade): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bd9DGdnGjUA
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Tattoo Masters Magazine: Tony Mancia [15 Jan 2011|09:34am]

Tony Mancia Interview
by Tattoo Masters Magazine UK

Describe yourself in 140 characters twitter style.

My name is Tony Mancia. I live for art and tattooing; it has consumed my life and I have no regrets about that. I do my best to keep progressing and find ways to push my art to the next level. I like visual things and love to travel. I find people watching to be one of the best ways to realize who you are, and where you stand in this world. That's about it.

How long have you been tattooing?

Ive been tattooing for about 4 1/2 years now.

How long have you been with ALL OR NOTHING?

I've been working at All or Nothing since march of 2009.

Where DID you live before coming to Atlanta?

I used to live in Kingston, Pa!

How did you come to ALL OR NOTHING, tell us the story!?!

It is actually a great story, at least for me. When I first started tattooing, I didn't know where or how to further my art. As a beginner, I would look at every tattoo magazine and always see All or Nothing. About 2 years into tattooing, I wanted to make an appointment with Brandon, to get my left sleeve done. When I called the studio, they told me his waiting time, and as an uneducated tattooer at the time, I decided I did not want to wait. The thought was always in my head of how the artists there were so good.

As I started getting better, I tattooed a friend from a local shop. She was always on the All or Nothing Forums, and I think she posted something about me, or a picture of the tattoo I did on her. A few weeks later, I got a comment, on that picture, on myspace, from Brandon, saying that I should come a do a guest spot! So, the next day, I called Dave Tedder and set up the dates! After my guest spot, Dave and I were talking outside the studio, and he said if I wanted a job there it was mine. So, of course, I said yes!  That's my story.

What brought you to move to Atlanta to work at ALL OR NOTHING?

The main reason I moved was to be around other artists that had the same drive that I do. I had never been in a studio where everyone works together and supports each other. And that's what All or Nothing is... a Family.

What is your favorite type of tattooing to do?

I really enjoy anything that morphs and has motion. I am fascinated with architecture and renaissance art, so it is a strong influence in my work.

What machines do you use? How many do you set up for a substantial session?

I currently use Swash Drive machines; I love them and they work perfect for how I tattoo. I usually Set up 3 machines for every tattoo. A liner with a 5 mag, and two shaders, a 15 and 9 mag.

What type of needles & groupings do you prefer? How did you come to
start using them?

I like Mythra and eternal needles. And, I like long taper needles. I use a 15 mag for about 95% of the tattoo, then tighten up with a 9 mag and liner.

Is Brandon really a psychopath to work for?

Brandon is a very good and generous person to work for. He honestly does everything he can to help us and see us grow.

What has changed about your tattooing since you first walked in the
front door of ALL OR NOTHING?

The main thing that changed was my mindset. I wanted to create, and honestly had a lot to prove. And that was a great push for me.

Everyone that comes arrives at different times, so the list of artists
is always in flux. Who have YOU worked with, gotten tattooed by, met
or gotten to watch work since coming to ALL OR NOTHING? And how did
any of that affect you and your art.

I have been tattooed by some great artists and friends, inside and outside of All or Nothing. Every artist I get tattooed by has helped me and my career in many ways. I have only been tattooed by Short and Bird at All or Nothing. The main thing that has helped me from getting tattooed by them is that our styles are so different. So, it is a great way for me to learn and pick their brains.

What other type of art do you produce? Paintings, video, flash, graphics etc?

I am an art nerd! I love painting, though it is difficult to find the time. But, any chance I get, I paint.

Are you tired of people talking to you about dogs?

Luckily, not that many people talk to me about dogs, but, if it was as much as they talk to Brandon about dogs, yes, I would hate dogs!

How has your LIFE been changed since coming?

Well, it has changed in many ways. I live by myself and don't know many people. So, it is much easier for me to focus on work. I have also been traveling a lot since I moved. I do many overseas conventions and guest spots. Ha, one of these days I will take a vacation, but I can't seem to do anything that does not involve work. 

Was there ever a time when you realized you had figured this out or
had an "art epiphany" about your own growth as a tattooer?

Yes, there was a time when I realized that I was going in the right direction. But, it was disappointing when I realized it, because it only made me want to do better. And, I realized that I will never get to where I want to, but that's a good thing.

What kind of inks do you use?

I use a mix of Dynamic and Alla Prima for my black. And, mainly use eternal for my color.

What is it like to work with so many artists from all over everyday?

It is the most rewarding thing ever. Everyday is a constant inspiration for me!

What types of tattoos would you LIKE to do, like if you could start
doing any specific style a lot, what would it be?

Well, I mainly only work in a specific style. I don't really know what to call it, but I would say, a mix of realism and conceptual art. Ha, it's great to say that I can normally do what I want and my clients love it!

Tell me about your kids (if you've got any?)

No kids! I just turned 23, and I can barely deal with a girlfriend.  So, if I had a kid, I wouldn't know what to do. And, if I had a kid, it would probably be an ass, like I was when I was young, so I don't want to have to deal with that.

What do you love about tattooing the most?

The fact that I can create my art and put it on someone is the best feeling. It is, and always will be, incredible to me that you can share such a personal interaction with another person, and you both can be proud of the outcome.

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