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Comprehensive List of Tattoo Publications and Contacts [22 Mar 2011|09:14am]
Comprehensive List of Tattoo Publications and Contacts

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The perfect accessory to go with the DVD, get your work up to par and then market it to the right people. This list has taken us 4 years to complete and has been extremely time consuming and expensive. In many cases the addresses listed are NOT the magazine, but the editors personal addresses, or the direct line to art directors. Venezuela, Scandinavia, Mexico, Japan, Sweden, America, Italy, England, the Czech Republic, Australia, Brazil, Germany, and many other countries. We have already received an article/interview from each of these addresses, so we know that they are as accurate as possible. Many magazines are not sold in the US, but attract clients from afar. Also getting articles in "other languages" is easy, and blows the minds of your clients when you frame it in your studio.

Check out a very small portion of some of the magazines that we've been featured in, and with this list can help you get into these very same magazines:


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